ADHD & ADD Testing for Children & Adults

Our ADHD or ADD evaluation process-like our other diagnostic processes-is conducted by a  Ph.D. licensed psychologist from beginning to end. Our process is guided by the evaluation’s goals, whether it is to obtain an IEP or 504 plan, treatment or medication recommendations, or accommodations for standardized tests like the GRE, MCAT, SAT, and Medical Boards.
We recognize the importance of a reliable ADD or ADHD diagnosis when considering high rates of misdiagnoses and overdiagnoses. As such, we incorporate standardized and established neuropsychological/psychological assessments to provide reliable findings. These comprehensive standardized assessments also allow us to identify an individual’s significant strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, comprehensive evaluations can help individuals receive the support they need academically and vocationally in order to prevent symptoms from impacting future success and confidence. Within this evaluation option, the following is included:  

  • Comprehensive clinical interviews and any relevant review of records 
  • Administration of standardized complex attention, working memory, executive functioning, and other relevant assessments 
  • Detailed and personalized interpretation of all assessment results 
  • A comprehensive and detailed report written directly by the psychologist with the findings and recommendations specific to the evaluation goals 
  • Feedback session with the client or parents/guardians to review the written report and results and to answer questions
  • Provision of any requested consultations to schools, universities, IEP teams, or healthcare providers regarding the results and recommendations