Gifted Testing

We offer gifted assessments for children, teens, and adults. These evaluations can provide a child or teen with the coursework and educational curriculum commensurate with her or his abilities. We provide evaluations consistent with individualized goals, such as seeking gifted placement within public school systems. We have been trained to administer and interpret IQ assessments for children (e.g., WISC-V) and teens/adults (e.g., WAIS-IV). We have worked extensively with culturally and linguistically diverse individuals. Gifted or IQ evaluations will include the following:

  • Conducting a comprehensive clinical interview and any relevant review of records
  • Administering the assessment(s) in an optimal setting
  • Interpreting the results
  • Writing a comprehensive report detailing the findings and recommendations
  • Discussing the results with the parent/guardian
  • Providing any necessary consultation to the school or IEP team

Call Interface Consulting and Psychological Services at (813) 421-2375 to schedule an appointment for gifted assessments for children, teens, and adults in the Tampa Bay area.