Insurance Policy

General Insurance Policy:

Please note we are not an “in network” insurance provider for any health insurance. We do not work with any insurance directly submitting documentation either. This means all testing, counseling, and consulting fees are out-of-pocket fees. However, in some cases, we can give you a receipt with service codes (called a superbill) for you to independently submit to your insurance and possibly use “out of network” benefits, if applicable. For more information on your “out of network” mental health coverage, we suggest you call the number on the back of your insurance card and inquire about this.

Why We Do Not Accept Insurances:

Many mental health providers do not accept insurance as “in network” providers for various reasons. Health insurance companies can limit your treatment or testing/evaluation options despite psychologists’ formal clinical recommendations. Health insurance companies may not offer full coverage for services, resulting in unexpected fees such as for services not deemed “medically necessary” by the insurance company. When using your insurance, you are usually responsible for a co-pay as well. Lastly, when providers accept insurances, they often treat a high volume of patients because compensation per patient is lower. Therefore, providers who aim to offer flexible, recurrent, and quality care often opt not to accept insurances.