Leadership Coaching & Consulting

ICPS provides leadership development consulting (including concurrent training programs and coaching) to organizations and leaders seeking to maximize their impact, skills, and competencies. With 10 years of relevant experience, we provide individualized and customized consulting services to healthcare, financial services, business and information services, and telecommunications industry leaders. We specialize in Diversity and Inclusion for Latino/a or Latinx professionals and Women of Color.

As a differentiator from other consulting firms, we utilize evidence-based approaches rooted in research and practice and our relevant doctoral-level psychological background. Our aim is to serve as trusted consultants to leaders and organizations, facilitating positive organizational and employee outcomes. ICPS consulting services have resulted in the following

  • Increased Key Performance Indicators, such as Productivity
  • Higher Employee Retention of Underrepresented Groups (Women of Color and Latinx Professionals)
  • Higher Levels of Employee Engagement
  • Improved Financial Metrics
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare
  • Greater Patient Adherence to Treatment in Healthcare
  • Improved Client Satisfaction
  • Greater Psychological Safety and more

Leadership Development Training Program
We provide group trainings personalized to each organization’s needs and strategic goals. Our trainings utilize action-oriented methods to help leaders develop and practice necessary leadership skills. We offer leadership development training programs in:

  • Developing Leadership Skills as an Underrepresented Leader
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence as a Leader
  • Effectively Leading During Times of Crises
  • Enhancing Organizational Diversity and Inclusion for Women of Color
  • Enhancing Organizational Diversity and Inclusion for Latinx Professionals and Leaders
  • Developing Advanced Inclusive Leadership Skills
  • Managing Organizational Change as a Leader
  • Increasing Employee Engagement as a Leader
  • Enhancing Leadership Skills as an Emerging Leader
  • Developing Leadership Skills as a High-Performing Leader

Leadership Coaching
We provide leadership and executive coaching for managers, directors, VPs, and executives in order to individually support each leader in addressing his or her precisely defined strengths and areas of development. We gather quantitative and qualitative data to identify each leader’s strengths and weaknesses. The data is consolidated and presented in a written report to each leader.

This data subsequently informs the action plan that is collaboratively developed with the leader to help the leader enhance or amplify specific skills and competencies. Through evidence-based coaching, we facilitate growth, skill development, and engagement in leaders consistent with the developed action plan.

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