The Complete Guide to Choosing an ABA Therapist in Tampa

Did you know that there are over 33,000 ABA therapists who practice in the United States?

With that many therapists available, it can be hard to determine which one is the right one for you. Well, one way to help narrow it down is by location. In this case, it would be finding a therapist in Tampa.

If you are looking for ABA therapy in Tampa, you will want to know what to look for in a psychologist in Tampa.

What are your options for ABA therapists? What do you look for?

This is your guide.

Personality Traits

One thing you are going to look at when you are looking for therapists for your loved one is what their personality is like. This is one of the main things you will need to figure out first before determining if the therapist is a right fit for you.

Are you both proactive people? Are you both people that thrive on a lot of communication? Are you both direct people or do you take a softer approach to handling certain situations?

When you first speak to a prospective therapist, you need to look for these personality traits and see if these are traits that are going to make you both work better together.

Educational Background

The next thing you are going to need to look at is what type of educational background do they have. Do they have a master’s degree? Do they have a Ph.D. that pertains to this field? What type of certifications do they have?

These are all things that you should ask about before hiring an ABA therapist. It is also important to get an idea of what type of ABA therapy they believe in practicing.

So, make sure that you do your homework on this to know what to expect.

Cost of an ABA Therapist

Finally, like most things in life, you are going to have to pay to get quality. You need to consider how much you can afford to pay an ABA therapist.

For those that are on a thinner budget, you should be warned that it is not cheap. Therapists have an average cost of about $120 per hour.

So, figure out what you can afford and if it is out of your price range, and then see if you have any insurance coverage that can contribute to this payment.

Get ABA Therapy in Tampa

These are some of the biggest factors that you need to consider if you wish to get ABA therapy in Tampa. You need to consider the cost of an ABA therapist, what their educational background is, and what their personality is like. Then, you can make an informed decision on who you wish to hire.

Do you need psychoeducational testing in Tampa or autism testing in Tampa before taking this step? Message us today to see how we can help you.