Understanding Dyslexia: How Your Child Can Benefit From a Psychologist in Tampa

Did you know that it can take different doctors and specialists to diagnose and treat dyslexia?

This often takes a lot of time, money, and dissonance between all those who treat you. As a result, this can disrupt you and your child’s life, having to deal with both countless phone calls and uncertainty through diagnosis and treatment, all while still dealing with the learning disability itself.

Dyslexia, or its diagnosis, requires a psychologist (alongside other specialists). But where and why do you or your child need one? How do you even find the right psychologist in Tampa?

Thankfully, Tampa offers many services, particularly for dyslexia. Places like ours will point you in the right direction to help you or someone you love succeed in life.

Learn more about dyslexia and how we help treat it below.

What is Dyslexia and How Does It Affect Children?

You can think of dyslexia as a learning disorder or disability that impairs someone’s ability to read, write, spell, and talk. Some common symptoms include:

  • Reading/speaking/writing words backward or transposing them
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Difficulty with phonics, aka decoding

Dyslexia impacts brain regions that process language. It affects everyone differently, so symptoms will vary for each individual.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of dyslexia can often cause problems for children in school. For example, teachers may consider children with dyslexia as disabled, and peers may make fun of them.

Children with dyslexia need support, and this includes a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of dyslexia. A psychologist can help your child increase fluency, comprehension, speech, and more.

Testing and Treatment for Dyslexia

Help with dyslexia comes in many forms from many specialists. Regardless, they must work together so they can optimize your child’s treatment plan.

To help diagnose and treat dyslexia, here are some of the following specialists to consider:

  • Reading specialists
  • Neurologists
  • Education specialists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychologists
  • School Counselors

It is important to know that many specialists will diagnose their patients through process of elimination. For example, they may first test for ADD, ADHD, or depression. Once those diagnoses are eliminated, they begin the treatment process for dyslexia.

One way a child with dyslexia can benefit is with a therapist. To help prepare you for the decision process, be sure to list out their needs, wants, and potential questions to ask the therapist. And remember to choose one based on your child’s specific needs.

You can also enroll your child in reading programs. These programs work on phonics and sensory skills to improve reading fluidity. Additionally, individualized education plans (IEPs) aid children with dyslexia too, as they offer children accommodations including text-to-speech books to help with their comprehension.

In short, you have many different options when it comes to dyslexia treatment.

Tips for Parents Raising a Dyslexic Child

Parenting tips vary for any learning disability. That said, a few key tips exist for dyslexia, specifically.

First: Start Early

Get your child tested. Research the necessary steps and gather all resources. The sooner your child receives support, the better (and earlier) they succeed.

Next: Set a Reading Foundation

Expose your child all you can to reading. Read to them. Read with them.

Have them sound out words, familiarize them with the alphabet, and have them trace out letters. It is important to get them comfortable now to reduce any “reader’s shock” later on.

Last: Talk to Your Child

Dyslexia comes with stigma and a poor reputation. Talk to your child about it and show them they have nothing to be ashamed of. Praise them when they succeed and encourage them to continue on when they fail.

These simple tips can help your child greatly in gaining a head start.

Where Can You Find Your Child’s Psychologist in Tampa

Many parents find it difficult to search for a psychologist, but Tampa has some great child psychologists! The best psychologist for dyslexia accommodates your child, and Dr. Irma Campos and ICPS do exactly that.

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